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About Us
    BENU Consortium led by Changzhou Rytson International Trade Co., Ltd. consists of several reliable manufacturers, including Changzhou Jiulong Auto Lamp Factory, Changzhou Jinli Special Wire Factory, Changzhou Yellow River Auto Lamp Factory, Changzhou Boliao Auto Parts Factory, Changzhou Xinfeng Moulding Factory,  Changzhou Jianya Vehicle Parts Factory and Danyang Nanyang Resistance Wire Factory, covering the business of vehicle and parts, wires and cables, commercial lighting, agricultural implements, packing and textile accessories.

    The staff members of RYTSON are well educated in key universities of China, with well-knit background of International Sales and Foreign Languages, rich experience in electronic commerce and impex operation as well as fluent English business communications. RYTSON provides consultant service and export agency for local manufacturers who wish to establish relationships with reliable buyers from all over the world but who presently have no export license or export department.

    RYTSON signs strategic partnership agreements with these manufacturers only when we approve their product quality and management systems. Forming such a consortium, RYTSON is dancing on the global stage, while our partner factories and our own factories support us as legs.